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DragonPharmaceutical is a research and invention, production enterprises with the integration of global marketing of Polypeptide/Peptide reagent and professional logistic.Strong technological advantage and advanced service system, DragonPharmaceutical continue to provide grade level from milligrams to one hundred grams of personalized peptide synthesis grade customized services as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic polypeptide polypeptide to customers worldwide.

DragonPharmaceutical polypeptide has a large number of experienced engineers, in addition to synthetic, it is also equipped with an automatic peptide synthesis equipment specializing in milligrams, more polypeptide sequences variety of products, and to develop an advanced management system and scientific production processes to meet customers' R & D needs. It can greatly reduce the overall cost of peptide synthesis, to provide high quality products and services to the global scientific users, for customers to win time and reduce development costs.

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